The Future: Free Energy?

by th0ughts on October 11, 2009

For most of the 20th century, energy was created by exploiting limited natural resources. Coal and gasoline are just two examples. The success of a nation’s economy often relies on the existence of these lucrative, but temporary power sources. For example, many countries in the Middle East that possess large oil reserves continue to make billions for their leaders while unlucky neighbors continue to struggle in poverty in a land without these resources.

As we move further into the 21st century, our reliance on traditional energy sources appears to be at the beginning of the end. Dependence on fossil fuels will end anytime soon and probably not in our lifetime. But there is a hopeful light at the end of the tunnel.

Windmills on a HillIn the future, mankind will harness energy that is free. Where on Earth does the wind not blow or the sun not shine? These are resources that can be converted into energy almost anywhere in the world.

These renewable resources are also good for job creation. Like the assembly lines of Detroit in previous generations, the new energy movement will create similar manufacturing jobs. Instead of cars, future factories will make windmill blades. Replacing oil fields will be solar panels.

The faster a reliable and renewable source of energy is available to all, the better. When the source of energy is infinite, there is less reason for countries to compete and the lives of everyone are improved.

What do you think the future of energy will look like?

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