Father’s Day Recollections

by th0ughts on June 22, 2009

Father’s Day is a complement of Mother’s Day that people all over the world celebrate. It’s only once a year though so make the most out of it. Your father will only be alive for once and he’ll never come back once he left this world. When was the last time you greeted your Father on this special occasion?

I’m not trying to make a sermon here because I’m not perfect nor even you who are reading this but do yourself a little favor. Remember the time when you’re still young and your father used to carry you or play along with you doing your favorite sport. Any recollection? How about the time when your father doesn’t agree with your decision? Or the time when you argued with him on something which you think he was right but you’re just doing what you wanted to get even with him and make him mad because you can’t accept your mistake?

Father and son

Father and son

Our father will always be our father no matter what. He may have some short comings at times but we’ll understand him, his actions and convictions when we become fathers ourselves. Biological or not, the most important thing about being a father is being able to establish and support a family with a decent living and a home full of love and care.

Fatherhood does not have boundaries. It is not limited to having a wife nor is restricted by sex, is it a promise of responsibility and a calling that everyone should know that men of future generations are mirrors of the fatherly love they have had during their younger years. Children can grow up without a father but they can grow up to be a better person and a productive individual.

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