Boyle builds buzz on British Talent Show

by th0ughts on April 14, 2009

While some people look up to talent shows nowadays with much critical emphasis on looks and x-factor (as they say for big screen star quality and image packaging) given the talent of course. Who would ever thought that the saying, “Don’t judge the book by its cover” becomes a solid proof for this 47 year-old Britain’s Got Talent aspirant, Susan Boyle, who doesn’t really register quite attractively so to speak contrary to most contestants on talent reality TV shows has indeed surprised and stunned all the judges (including Simon Cowell) and the rest of the audience in the sho leaving everyone on their feet full of praise and amazement.

Looking at her would not give anyone a clue that this self-proclaimed never been kissed “spinster” can actually blew anybody when she opens her mouth and start singing. The rather jolly and playful image she portrayed on the show before she even sang “I Dreamed a Dream” from Le Miserables could actually make anyone assume that she’s just another William Hung female counterpart. Ironically, she can out sang any other existing singer ahead of her in today’s entertainment world and with that being said, “Do you think she’ll be the next singing superstar?”

Rumor has it that right after creating a buzz on TV and online, Mr.Cowell‘s Sony BMG label and its officials are meeting up with her for some record deals.

Britain definitely knows who has talent and for sure, like in previous years, they always know who to choose. Check her out in the video below and see for yourself if she truly deserves to be the next Britain’s Got Talent winner.

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