How Will You Spend Your First Google Adsense Paycheck?

by th0ughts on October 28, 2009

I had been writing on this blog for quite sometime but I have not yet earned anything from my Adsense monetization efforts because I’ve just recently embraced the idea and as far I as know, the more traffic your site has can bring in more clicks thus earning you some revenue.


Another thing that holds back this blog from earning revenue is because this has been abandoned for quite sometime hoping that it’ll sell on Ebay but the crazy thing is that it didn’t even get any single bid despite its page rank!

If you just started blogging and is fairly new in Adsense with high hopes of earning your first 100 dollars from clicks, how would you like to spend your earnings? I haven’t thought of it yet but in time, I surely will be able to spend that precious Google cash, I just wanted to know your thoughts so I can get some ideas.

But if you’re one of the lucky ones who have passed that stage, you can also tell me what you did with your paycheck. It’ll be a great conversation to start with.

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