The Seed 2.0: A Simple Web Call

by th0ughts on June 21, 2009

The fast paced life that we live-in these days often leave us over-looking some of life’s fundamental lessons. It may not come to our attention that we’re missing some essential things yet it does show in our actions. The fact that our life evolves in so many ways and every inch of events that happen to us are intertwined, some of us just don’t really care. Take a few moments to realize how our way of living affects ourselves and those around us. In this way, we might somehow find enlightenment and figure out ways to acknowledge our short comings.

The Seed 2.0 is a short presentation about life and how it could change overtime and the factors that could lead our lives to where it is now. The Seed 2.0 is not as visually capturing but taking a little effort in focusing on the salient points that it tries to convey will help us understand it.

For the benefit of everyone, here is the embed presentation below:

Should you have any insight on the presentation that you’d like to share, feel free to leave it at the comments section.

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