Winning Isn’t Everything, Loosing Is Not the End

by th0ughts on October 10, 2009

Getting the laurels does have an impact on boosting one’s esteem. Loosing however whether we like it or not often leads to frustration and sadness.

This is life. We cannot win all our battles but the best thing about loosing is if you know you have given a good fight.

_W8F5313Difficult as it may seem but overcoming hate and jealousy over the other is the greatest battle won.

Sometimes, you may think that you’re better than the other but why did you lose? For contests or awards such as those in the arts, writing stints, jobs, promotion, etc., there will always be a victor.

It doesn’t mean that loosing is the end of the world. If some people looked down upon you or rejected you, the challenge is then making them realize that turning you down is a slap in their face.

In reality, famous celebrities are not always talent contest winners. CEOs are not always straight as rich people are not born rich, and successful people are not always winners but mostly losers in their past. They just simply pick themselves up and changed their destiny, focused on what they do best and compete with themselves.

Winning is not everything, loosing is not the end. It is your response to every situation that will shape your outlook. Looking at the brighter side makes the big difference.

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