Remembering (the late) Michael Jackson

by th0ughts on June 26, 2009

It’s not impossible that right at this very moment, people all over the world are mourning for the passing of the musical icon and King of Pop–Michael Jackson at age 50. It was a shocking news, and I couldn’t even believe it when I first saw the headline on Yahoo’s homepage. Maybe I was just a little too late to find out what happened. I’ve read the post, “R.I.P. Michael Jackson: The Greatest of All Time” by Billy Johnson, Jr. with scrutiny and it was like a dark revelation that simply won’t end.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was an icon and indeed loved by the many including myself. Growing up along with his music which was phenomenal during the 80′s have had an impact to the choice of music that I listen to. It’s seemed to me that the world stopped in a moment to give homage to who was known as a world-class act with remarkable talent nobody can surpass. The musical legend that has left us with so many great songs and touched so many hearts has finally joined His creator.

A sad moment for everyone who loved him and his music. He’s passing may have been to early enough for us to miss him so much but it was all worth knowing that even at the short course of his life, he had made so many contributions and has touched the lives of many. I’m sure most people have the fondest memory of him doing the moonwalk dance move which was up til now being imitated.

He may have had some shortcomings during his career but all I can think of and remember are simply his vast musical influence on me like most of us do and I certainly belive that his pains and sufferings during the course of his life especially during the time of controversies all came to an end. Wherever he is now, I’m sure that it’s a place where happiness never ends and he’s singin’ his songs all out loud.

I’ve put up a little tribute to the King of Pop by compiling some of his songs which are my favorite like most of you do. The playlist include songs such as One Day In Your Life, Thriller, Ben, Man in the Mirror and many others.

I’ve also embed a video below from YouTube with Michael Jackson performing “Man in the Mirror” live at the 1988 Grammy Awards with a Gospel Choir.

To the family, relatives, and close friends of the late Michael Jackson, I personally extend my condolences.

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