The American Idol Experiment: How to Choose the Next American Idol

by th0ughts on May 17, 2009

It’s all over the internet…this post just came in too late. This could have been posted minutes after the final three results had been revealed but because of some strange error that prevented me from signing in on my WordPress admin, this post was long over due but I’ve figure out some work around so it’ll be something different.

Anyway, what makes the American Idol Season 8 very interesting is the addition of a new judge in the person of Kara Dioguardi. Well, many things have changed like the saving of Matt Giraud as a one-time save vote from the judges which they could have done for Allison Iraheta which is more talented that Matt. Anoop Desai and Lil Rounds could have stayed longer in the competition should Matt Giraud got eliminated first. It could have been the battle of the best voices! What if Allison was the recipient of the save vote from the judges instead of Matt G.? We could have witnessed a Quartet instead of a final-three, aye?

Well, it’s all down to two and in the next few days, we’ll know who it’s going to be? Each of us, Idol fans, or not so fan, may have seen the talent and heard of the voices of Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Some may or may not dig the musical genre showcased by these two one or the other but what is interesting is that another “rocker” or “wanna-be rocker”, as I don’t know how to describe the type of music Adam Lambert plays as it’s not my thing. I’m a music lover myself and I dig popular rock songs that’s been playing even until now. I enjoy “Queen” and their music but it bothers me the way Adam portrays the songs in his way with so much over-the-top vocal callisthenics, that it confuses me if it was vocal callisthenics at all. It’s all the screeching and screaming thing that annoys me. I’m not against Adam and absolutely not on his being gay or anything but I don’t feel such kind of music could sell millions of records than a ballad or an acoustic unless there’s really a huge rock fan base.

If I would be listening on a radio, I’d rather turn it off or switch stations because I can’t stand a jarring sound. If you want to know the difference, then do the experiment, pretend that you don’t know or have never known or heard Adam Lambert voice, the same with Kris Allen. (I could have thought of this way ahead of time right before season 8 of American Idol started or maybe right before Danny Gokey was sent home.)

  • Listen to each one of their songs very carefully and intensely with so much attention. Consider changing the audio volume at different intervals. (Low, Medium, Loud and Very Loud)
  • Close your eyes and concentrate on the notes and the way the songs were sang-did it give you chills? Is it relaxing or is it somewhat upbeat and kinda stressful or tiresome to hear?
  • Afterwards, compare the difference. Which music turns you on and which one doesn’t?
  • Which music is most likely that you’ll want to hear over and over again and will most likely purchase?

(Remember, pretend that you are not a fan of either of the two finalists.)

Now, decide which one you’ll most likely wanted to hear over the radio, on your MP3s, iPods, etc., then vote. In this way, you’ll get an idea which one fits the American Idol title.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

I admire Adam’s boldness and showmanship but I also admire Kris’ humility, musicality and simplicity.

Over the years that I’ve been watching American Idol, I’ve observed that those who embrace their talent with so much grace and humility often comes up victorious in the end, be it not the title, but after their Idol journey.

Final Three Highlights:

Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey was sent home not because he’s not a good singer (I even thought he’s going to be the next American Idol winner as I was routing for him ever since) but because of a lame song choice from Paula and his own. He’s rendition of “You are so beautiful” is better on his farewell performance than during the contest night. And who would ever win a singing contest using a “serenade” song for beauty pageants?

Kris Allen sang “Heartless” by Kanye West which made him sail through to the finals. See Kris’ rendition of the song below.

And Adam Lambert, as expected, sailed through to the finale.

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