Jet America Airlines Sells 9 Dollar Tickets: A Low Fare Start Up Boost

by th0ughts on May 28, 2009

What could be more attractive especially during this recession than to get a low fare airline ticket? With the advent of high airline fuel costs, even the big players in the industry are not convinced that increasing the airline fares can actually offset the costs in providing a decent travel experience not only limited to air transportation but also including customer service and administrative functions as some airlines even had massive layoffs for cost cutting measures.

What if in the middle of this economic recession, somebody offers you an airplane ride for as little as 9 dollars a ticket? Would you grab it or would you be hesitant? Sounds too good to be true?

It may sound crazy but Jet America Airlines offers cheap 9 dollar tickets and will get the discount travelers from Newark, NJ to Toledo when it starts its operations of July 13. According to Tampa bay Jet America Airlines will make money from additional fees like other small low cost airlines so this 9 dollar ticket is just a base fare, take note of that.

While Jet America Airlines officially opens for business today, Airline ticket reservations can be done through The 9 dollar fare is a one-way only fare which may include a 5 dollar convenience fee good for one ticketed passenger only when booked online. However, reservations over the phone through their dedicated call center can cost an additional 10 dollar fee per person per reservation. Additional fees like the September 11 Security Fee, Federal Excise Segment Tax, and Passenger Facility Charges are not included so you may have to pay for it as additional costs. Basically, booking it online will cost 14 dollars plus additional costs or fees. Just do the math. And if you would like to have a pre-assigned seat before your flight, better be ready to pay a 10 dollar fee per person each way as the case may be.

Like often airlines would disclaim, fares are subject to change (even without prior notice) and like most cheap ticket offerings, fares are subject to availability. I’ve worked with airlines before so I know how it works. This is just for promotional purposes and somehow they would still manage to get something out of it. If you think they are crazy to sell 9 dollar tickets for nothing, then think again. 9 seats for 9 dollars a piece per flight? Are you kidding? How long in advance do you have to book it online to get that fare? A month ahead? Three months prior? A year ahead?

If you happen to have booked a ticket with them for 9 dollars without having to book several months ahead then good for you and be free to let me know.

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