Hampton University Dorm Shooting Incident

by th0ughts on April 26, 2009

Police officials confirmed that 3 people were shot at about 1 am of Sunday, April 26 inside Harkness Hall which was a Freshman students dorm. Hampton University (Hampton, VA) officials and police has confirmed after the incident that the school is locked down and safe.

The gunman was already in custody, they also said that the gun man (which was a former student) walked-in and shot two people (a hall monitor and a Pizza delivery man) inside the freshman’s dorm then the gunman turned the gun on himself. At the moment, the victims were being treated but there are no given information yet regarding the motive of the shooting.

A text message was sent out to the students two hours after saying, “There has been a shooting at Harkness Hall. The suspect has been apprehended and the campus is safe.”

This incident is very alarming and that school dorms should be more secured. Having said this, sending text messages were fine but phone calls should have been made to reach those concerned who were not able to receive such messages. Thank goodness that this incident caused only three people injured or it could have been worse and God forbid it didn’t become another horrifying campus killing incident like the one that happened in Virginia Tech back on April 16, 2007, and the Columbine High School massacre on April 20, 1999.

Just a thought, is there a curse on the month of April for campus shooting incidents? Or these are just mere coincidents that occurred on the same month? The main issue? Campus security measures.

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