FTC to Regulate Blogs and Social Media on False Promotion

by th0ughts on April 15, 2009

Federal Trade Commission is eyeing on regulating blogs and social media on false advertising as its proposed plan before they finalize the action with its commissioners, including those from the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Personal Care Products Council after casting their votes based on public comments.

If FTC becomes successful in pursuing this regulation, it’s going to be a “herculean task.” Can they regulate the entire blogosphere and social media online and cross boarders when they have to?

Businesses doing marketing strategies through blogs and social media to promote their products must be truthful with what they do, their brand, and their consumers much as they wanted to increase their revenue and market share.

People doing marketing and promotion online by means of blogging and social media tools are mere harbingers of information. But the best thing any online writer can do is to be truthful with what they say.

Consumers can take as many infomercials and ads they want but it always boils down to who they trust that most of the time they cling to. Whether it be a product or a service. The same goes with the readers online, hundreds of thousands of blogs are found in the blogosphere but there can only be few blogs that a reader will likely trust and continue reading.

People have minds and freewill, the choice is theirs. It’s inevitable that some products may or may not suit one or the other. Persuasion is marketing. While online content writers, marketers or even social media users have the right to choose whether to get paid with what they say and not, products or information that are highly risky and sensitive should be treated with utmost much care and conviction especially when it comes to consumer welfare.

FTC is advocating consumer welfare and this is something that is not to be taken as a bad move by online marketers and social media users. Going after false advertisements and unproven claims especially with products pertaining to health and well-being should really be taken into serious scrutiny.

With this in thought, everyone should take responsibility with their actions-what they say and do while taking into account the benefit of the many.

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