Blog Insults Haiti Earthquake Victim

by th0ughts on January 29, 2010

It’s very appalling for a large blog like to look down on other people’s misfortune. This article here with screen shot below is desperately seeking attention and is unbecoming of an online content publisher.

Blog Insults Haiti Earthquake VictimWhy do they have to resort in such racy and distasteful action of insulting a victim of tragedy instead of sharing a little compassion or even a heap of respect if they can?

This content publisher needs a little shaking perhaps more ravaging than the earthquake that hit Haiti so badly. If they were trying to help the troubled Haitian girl, pushing a sour publicity and coercing the beverage company such as Coca Cola to get her a commercial isn’t a wise move either.

If they can’t help these people by writing public service posts, giving them a little respect isn’t too much to ask because if things turn around, I’m sure they wouldn’t want to be disrespected like they did. This case only proves one thing, desperation for web traffic by writing awful things that backfires thus taking a reputation suicide on a large scale.

If you despise the way this media publisher acted, you know the drill. Share your thoughts.

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