Chasing Trends

by th0ughts on October 6, 2009

Maintaining a blog is difficult. It requires so much effort, time and tons of patience. Choosing the right topic to write about is crucial to its advancement, that is, if you want to make some goals for your blog and your blogging.

Keeping up with what’s recent is probably a great challenge especially if this is the way your blog is heading—the mainstream.

However, chasing trends is hardly the easiest path to take especially if you’re managing multiple blogs. One may suffer and the other will fail. My other web blog Software Critics has gained so much momentum that I have actually abandoned this blog for a while simply because it cannot compete with my time as my technology blog eats most of it.

I cannot emphasize enough that choosing a niche and running after the fad on the web is a Herculean task unless you have the machinery that would rally around you to feed your blog with fresh content like multi-authored blogs.

Entertainment blogs for one chase the current events, what’s hot or what’s latest whatever you may call but they must keep it up-to-date to stay on the hood. Being trendy has it course, keeping the sail is a choice.

Have you made the right choice? What do you think?

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