Blog Insults Haiti Earthquake Victim

by th0ughts on January 29, 2010

It’s very appalling for a large blog like to look down on other people’s misfortune. This article here with screen shot below is desperately seeking attention and is unbecoming of an online content publisher.

Blog Insults Haiti Earthquake VictimWhy do they have to resort in such racy and distasteful action of insulting a victim of tragedy instead of sharing a little compassion or even a heap of respect if they can?

This content publisher needs a little shaking perhaps more ravaging than the earthquake that hit Haiti so badly. If they were trying to help the troubled Haitian girl, pushing a sour publicity and coercing the beverage company such as Coca Cola to get her a commercial isn’t a wise move either.

If they can’t help these people by writing public service posts, giving them a little respect isn’t too much to ask because if things turn around, I’m sure they wouldn’t want to be disrespected like they did. This case only proves one thing, desperation for web traffic by writing awful things that backfires thus taking a reputation suicide on a large scale.

If you despise the way this media publisher acted, you know the drill. Share your thoughts.


Are You Up For Louis Vuitton Replica Bags?

by th0ughts on January 28, 2010

Having the real thing is always an ego booster. However, for those who don’t have that much, it can be a pain in pocket thus in order to satisfy their craving for the real deal, they end up buying replicas.

Louis Vuitton handbagWhy do some people tend to look at things very seriously with a special eye for brands? What does branding have to do with the way people spend? Does it always follow that big names often exceed customer satisfaction?

No matter how expensive an item it is today, it can be worthless and worn out by tomorrow. However, one can never go wrong of having the same brand of item although replicated as a fashion accessory. After all, who would ever tell you that what you have isn’t genuine?

Strictly for fashion statements or just for fun, I don’t think having a replicated item is wrong, what matters is having that strong sense of style and creativity, I’m sure any inexpensive item could go a long way. Some celebrities can’t even carry themselves well with an expensive outfit so anybody can be a fashion victim.

All in all, being yourself won’t compromise your style instead it’ll add up to your uniqueness and personality. Let your inner beauty stand out because that’s what matter the most and don’t let any expensive item drag your uniqueness into a tragedy for not having the personality that fits with your clothing.

If you hardly agree on my thoughts tell me why in the comments section but if you do, please do add your piece of advice as well. I’ll be appreciated.


How Will You Spend Your First Google Adsense Paycheck?

October 28, 2009

I had been writing on this blog for quite sometime but I have not yet earned anything from my Adsense monetization efforts because I’ve just recently embraced the idea and as far I as know, the more traffic your site has can bring in more clicks thus earning you some revenue. Another thing that holds [...]

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Watch U2 Live Concert on YouTube

October 23, 2009

If you’re a U2 fan, then this is something that you should care about. U2 is making history by staging the very first global concert webcast on YouTube live streaming from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California this coming Sunday, October 25th at 8:30 PM (PT). The show in partnership with Live Nation is part [...]

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Understand Global Warming and Its Effects via Home Experiments

October 21, 2009

Global Warming is basically the increase of the Earth’s near-surface air and ocean temperature relatively higher that average. Climate change however denotes more specificity (although at times both terms are used interchangeably) since it denotes other changes aside from temperature. Climate researchers have documented almost every incident that they could cite to support the interconnectivity [...]

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Twitter Sunday Spotlight: Deborah White

October 18, 2009

Our first Sunday Twitter Spotlight recipient is no other than Deborah White of She’s also known on Twitter as @deborah3756. She’s won this featured slot by tweeting the Sunday Twitter Spotlight post several times. Online, she’s known as a disabled Veteran of the Armed Forces suffering from bloggorhea. I’m not so sure about what [...]

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Twitter Sunday Spotlight: An Introduction

October 17, 2009

As part of this blog’s rejuvenation, I’m coming up with an incentive to all my new and existing readers especially those who have presence on Twitter to take a shot at this opportunity to be featured on this blog for free. I couldn’t think of anything more appealing than getting featured on a blog without [...]

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The Future: Free Energy?

October 11, 2009

For most of the 20th century, energy was created by exploiting limited natural resources. Coal and gasoline are just two examples. The success of a nation’s economy often relies on the existence of these lucrative, but temporary power sources. For example, many countries in the Middle East that possess large oil reserves continue to make [...]

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Winning Isn’t Everything, Loosing Is Not the End

October 10, 2009

Getting the laurels does have an impact on boosting one’s esteem. Loosing however whether we like it or not often leads to frustration and sadness. This is life. We cannot win all our battles but the best thing about loosing is if you know you have given a good fight. Difficult as it may seem [...]

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Chasing Trends

October 6, 2009

Maintaining a blog is difficult. It requires so much effort, time and tons of patience. Choosing the right topic to write about is crucial to its advancement, that is, if you want to make some goals for your blog and your blogging. Keeping up with what’s recent is probably a great challenge especially if this [...]

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